HINOSI Mission: We provide reliability, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection of high-quality products for customers.

Service Concept:Your every little thing is concerned . Quality first, the most satisfactory for customers gfrom the start; perfect service, from the customer is not satisfied we will change.


Technical Service:

  1. assisting the user in the selection of equipment, confirmingthe need cold and dry machine technical parameters;
  2. assistingthe user in light of the actual situation, field survey, free of charge to provide users with cold and dry machine layout scheme;
  3. With the use of the corresponding models ofuser.
  4. providingthe purification system of equipment price according to user of need, technology consulting;


After-sale services

  1. establishinguser record, computer customer management system input customers and equipment details;
  2. free for customers commissioning, technical training and on-site operation repair technical training at headquarters;
  3. my company spare parts warehouse,theycan provide the spare parts needed by customers in the shortest possible time, to allow customers to achieve “zero inventory accessories”;
  4. on-site technical service time is: in a City suburb, customer equipment failure phone 2-4 hours (outside the city in 24 hours) service engineer arrived at the scene processing. Technical department to provide 24 hours all-weather service,any timeonly need a phone call. The annual regular ruturn for the users.
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